Project Description

Anika Chasuk (b.1989, Mountain View, CA) lives and works in Oakland California. Recently, they received their BFA in Film, and Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. Chasuk leans upon their filmmaking background to combine the sensory experience of Sound Design with Neon sculpture. While remaining enthralled with letter structure and the traditional practice of sign making, they actively seek new methods of making within the physical limits neon demands. Chasuk has exhibited work at Book and Job Gallery, First Amendment Gallery, and the Midway in San Francisco, as well as Good Mother Gallery in Oakland. Chasuk has exhibited at the Museum of Neon Art in 2018 and 2019. After their first solo show in San Francisco last year, they had their first international solo exhibit in Tokyo at Jinkinoko Gallery. Both shows put forward Chasuk’s interest in ‘usness’, and the ways we make contact with one another.
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